An easy DIY Christmas hanger to decorate the house

I’m back again with another this post for this week. As I said in my previous post. I’m coming back with a new posting schedule. And for this to work, I’m going to stay ahead of content. This way, I will not miss a post like before or struggle haha. Let’s hope for the best because I’m not sure what will happen. Anyway, for the second post this week, I have another Christmas idea. This is An easy DIY Christmas hanger to decorate the house.

Also, I mentioned in my previous post that I’m going to do more Christmas ideas haha. Well, here we go with another idea that can be done for this month. This is something that came up in my mind differently. And I will explain how it changed to be a Christmas hanger instead of the original idea I wanted it to be. Make sure to keep reading to know about it.

At this point, I’m just trying to figure out how far I can go with the ideas that can be made with only cardboard and paper haha. Like I still have a lot of them for this month. I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to do them all, but I will try my best haha. I hope it’s good though.

This is my first time to focus more on Christmas stuff haha. Last year, I didn’t do many projects. But I didn’t want this month to pass without any idea haha. But, now I want to see how many I can do, and start with my previous post which you can see here. It’s going well so far.

About the post

This post will be about like I said. A Christmas hanger for your room or anywhere you want to hang it in the house. Something affordable and yet give you the chance to make use of things around the house haha. Like cardboard or if you have a lot of papers, then these ideas could help you haha.

At first, I wanted this to be a background Christmas decoration. For my pictures on the blog. Because I still don’t have a background decoration yet haha. However, in the middle of the process, things changed and I looked at it and came out to be better a hanger than just a decoration on the background of my photos. So I decided to go with it haha.

I made these with cardboard and A4 papers with no thick paper. From, my previous post, I figured out that I can still use them and have better results. So I decided to keep using it for a few projects until I’m out of A4 papers. Because I have a stack of them and don’t want to keep them forever, you know.

Also, I made something for the first time ever for this project. You will know it a little later when I talk about the things I made that will be glued on the hanger. Please make sure to read till the end for that as well.

I’m going to share more awesome Christmas ideas and more variety of ideas. Also, I’m planning on new post ideas and not just the projects. Please subscribe to the blog or follow me if you have a WordPress account. That way you will receive new posts on time and support me. I would really appreciate your help.

An easy DIY Christmas hanger to decorate the house

This project one of the small ones that don’t take long to finish which is nice. I’m trying to do quick ideas for now. Until I manage to be ahead of content. And then start doing long ones that will really look cool. To be honest, I still don’t know if it’s long or it takes me longer to finish it haha. Maybe after a while, the long become short for me, you know haha.

The finished look of the hanger, An easy DIY Christmas hanger to decorate the house

As you can see the final look of the hanger. Well, I thought it would be good to hang it on the wardrobe door instead of the room door haha. Just to try something different but can be placed even on walls.

The thing that I first ever did is the flower. And the leaves, haha but it’s easy to do that. However, the flower was a little bit hard than I expected. And took me time to get it good. It’s not as perfect as others though haha.

The things required for this project

Ok, just like my previous post. This is not a tutorial how to make each item, but to present the project itself for you guys. However, I’m going to show you few steps before showing the final look of it again in the end. Also, share the required things that is on the hanger above in the picture.

The hanger without the white layer. An easy DIY Christmas hanger to decorate the house
The hanger with the paper belt
The flower before the finished look. An easy DIY Christmas hanger to decorate the house
Small colored circles. An easy DIY Christmas hanger to decorate the house
Similar wrap to the gift wrap for the hanger, An easy DIY Christmas hanger to decorate the house
Green leafs. An easy DIY Christmas hanger to decorate the house

Well, here is all the things that I used on this project. As you can see the circle is not yet covered with white so I can add the items on it. It was bigger than I thought and I made a longer paper for it haha. I’m out of long A4 papers which saved me time but I got it after all. t

Also, as you can see the flower picture is before it’s finished. And that step took me more than I expected. The gluing part is the easiest step in every project unless it’s something unusual to glue haha. By the way, a friend chose this flower for me. And I was a little nervous as it is the first time to do it but it turns out nice in the end.

The second picture above is where I made something I would call “A paper belt”. I wrapped it around the hanger to add more style to it haha. Honestly, sometimes I just want to add things. Because why not, you know. It would look good with it and this is one of them lol.

The finished look of the flower
The hanger wrapped with the white belt. An easy DIY Christmas hanger to decorate the house

Here is a picture of the flower and hanger with the finished look. I think it would’ve been better if I colored the edges of the paper belt. That would add more color to it, but that’s just an additional step you could do. The center of the flower. I almost messed up that part, haha but I fixed it last second. Everything is ok but it’s not the best, you know. First time doing this flower.

The first item glued to the hanger
The flower glued to the hanger with a leaf. An easy DIY Christmas hanger to decorate the house
The finished look of the hanger on the desk
A Close zoom to the flower and leaf. An easy DIY Christmas hanger to decorate the house

Well, as you can see the finished look of the easy DIY Christmas hanger to decorate the house. Something affordable and can be made at home to add some Christmas decorations to the house. Even though it’s not the best but it still something, you know. I would like to know what you guys think of this idea?

Conclusion of the easy DIY Christmas hanger to decorate the house post

Alright, as always. Thank you so much for reading until this point and for the support. I can’t wait for you guys to see more of my Christmas ideas that can be done with cardboard and paper haha. Please make sure to subscribe to the blog. You can follow me on WordPress if you have an account. So you won’t miss a single post and I would really appreciate it if you can support me. Have a great day!

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An easy DIY Christmas hanger to decorate the house

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