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An easy and creative paper DIY ideas to do at home

Another post of the week. Hello, everyone, and welcome back. As always, it feels good to be back and write more. One thing I wish and that is to keep it going haha. Sometimes I face some obstacles and force me to postpone posting which is not good for the blog. Anyways, thank you so much, everyone, for the support. However, this is the second post of the week there will be a new idea. It will be about “An easy and creative paper DIY ideas to do at home”.

This post supposed to be about a new DIY project. However, I got overwhelmed with other tasks and got no time to finish an idea. So I decided to write something different until I manage to finish a project. I’m sorry for lacking on content but I’m trying my best to follow a schedule. As you can tell and I’m sure will manage to keep it going one day haha.

Also, the Thursday with funny moments idea is still going but for now, I don’t have DIY moments. As there are no new projects haha. Once I start doing new ideas, I will write more of it. I like to share the funny moments and I hope you guys enjoy reading as well haha.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy today’s post as well. Grab your coffee or tea and enjoy it.

About the post

In Today’s post, I thought it would be a good idea to share my previous DIY papers projects in one post as ideas that you can do at home. I made them all at home and they got good feedback from other people that saw it in real life. Also, it was fun doing it which can help pass some times during the quarantine.

This is not new idea because I have done few posts before but not with this title haha.

There is more into this than just some ideas that can be done. Also, it can help you use the papers at home if you have a lot and don’t know what to use it with. By the way, I still have a lot of papers, haha and there are so many ideas yet to be done. So stay tuned for future ideas will be posted in this blog.

There will be mixed papers and some pieces that are cardboard haha. If you are new to this blog, I mainly make DIY projects out of cardboard and papers but these are mostly papers haha. That’s why it called paper DIY projects.

I might have a lot more than three DIY paper ideas if you browse the blog. However, I think these are like on the top list that impressed people when they saw it and I gave away one project to one of the people I met and he loved it haha.

An easy and creative paper DIY ideas to do at home

Before I start, I usually use thick papers for my projects because it’s stronger than the normal A4 papers. However, you can use any of them and that depends on your choice.

1-The Ninja star desk decoration

The Ninja star desk decoration, An easy and creative paper DIY ideas to do at home

Alright, starting with one of the well-matched color projects I made before. It’s a simple desk decoration you can use for any occasion and any time. This would be perfect for people who love ninja turtles haha. I mean I like the ninja in real life haha but watched all the ninja turtles series.

However, the base looks like made out of paper but it only covered with papers haha. If I can make a thick base out of papers, that would be interesting. But it wouldn’t be as good as cardboard bases for projects like these.

The wavey lines in the background. That was a random idea I got in my mind. And thought would be nice to be on the background of this decoration. What do you think?

2-DIY gift card envelope template

DIY gift card envelope template , An easy and creative paper DIY ideas to do at home

The second one is something I wanted to do an upgrade for because I made an old version of this and it wasn’t that good. So I decided to do it again and make it even better. However, it still not the best yet haha. However, I’m going to make more versions of it until I make a perfect one haha. So stay tuned also for that.

My ideas don’t include blue in all of them but I think it looks great with the white color haha. My favorite color is yellow though. However, it looks perfect with the white, that’s why I picked blue.

I was focusing on the envelope and not the card. That’s why I made it so simple. However, you can be creative by making the gift card as you want and add more touches to it and make it more special if you want.

3-A wall decoration for the room

A wall decoration for the room

The final one on the list is something I thought would be new to the blog and the audience. I did it for the first time. A lot of people commented positive feedback on it which made me glad that I did it haha. Also, it kinda because it was quick and easy haha. That time when I was having tough times making long projects.

This is all made out of papers except the hanger haha. It only covered with thick papers but it is cardboard which can hold better. Also, this can be good for people who don’t want holes on the wall haha.

I wrote tutorials on each project listed above that can help you understand how each one was made at home. And you can see more pictures of all of them.

Conclusion(An easy and creative paper DIY ideas to do at home)

So this is the end of this post. Thank you so much for reading until this point. I hope you liked reading and got something useful to do during this quarantine. You can share whats your opinoin on this in the comment section below. Also, I have more amazing ideas if you want to read more DIY projects that I wrote about in the blog. I’m going to share even more amazing ideas, please subscribe or follow the blog to receive new posts on time. You can follow me on Twitter as well because I post my latest posts there and more. Have a nice day!

An easy and creative paper DIY ideas to do at home


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