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An Awesome DIY portable bookshelf with a drawer

Hello, everyone, and welcome to another post for this week. I hope you having a wonderful week. Today I’m going to share with you the first DIY projects that I made for books. You guys going to love this idea because it’s a cool one. This Is An Awesome DIY portable bookshelf with a drawer.

If you guys didn’t see the first part of this project. You have to go check it out. Because I talked about some required items that will be shown in this post.

And I tried a new way of writing posts. Basically, instead of talking about the entire project. I just gave some hints about it. So you guys can find out what the project will be and there were some good guesses haha.

I thought to add some fun to it and make it more interesting. Something about me, I like trying new ideas and ways so that things get a bit entertaining. I’m going to try it again in the future with another project.

Today you guys will know what exactly did I make for the books. But, there are some things that I still need to mention. Since I didn’t talk much last part, you know.

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An Awesome DIY portable bookshelf with a drawer

This is the first time doing a project like this and it was a bit long. However, it will be so worth the effort if you love to read books because this would be perfect.

If you have a different idea to use this that will make life easier, that would be cool. However, this mainly made for books.

This project will require you a few things that I mentioned in the first part. Which things that are easy to get.

It will be fully made out of cardboard and paper as usual. I’m working on these two for now haha. So this means that it will not cost a lot, but you might use more papers than any recent projects that I made haha.

I wasn’t expecting this project will be long and it took me about three days to finish. You maybe can get it done ina short time because I had to plan and draw how this will be. So it took me time.

Also, a new addition to this project. Something that is useful and that is the drawer. This portable bookshelf has it. And you can store books inside it when you are done reading but haven’t yet finished them.

This is like a mini bookshelf that you can put on the cabinet next to your couch or your best. Which will help to keep the book safe and quick to reach when you get back reading.

Enough talking about this project and let me show you guys the rest of the items and the finished look of it.

The required items

If you guys missed the first part. I shared that I’m going to need few cardboard boards. And covered them with a white layer using paper. I’m going to show you guys the finished look of what I turned them into.

Small pieces of cardboard. An Awesome DIY portable bookshelf with a drawer.
The blue handle. An Awesome DIY portable bookshelf with a drawer.
The top board shelf.
The blue belts. An Awesome DIY portable bookshelf with a drawer

However, there are few more things that I said I’m going to talk about in the second part. The first one is what I’m going to use to fix a problem that I couldn’t fix haha.

The second one as you can see in the picture above is the drawer handle. You can use any handle, but it’s easy to make one out of cardboard for the drawer and it will be strong. Also, as bigger or smaller as you want.

So I’m going to make this portable bookshelf with two shelves. At first, I thought of two drawers, but then, I changed to one drawer and one just open shelf. You will see in a bit how it will look. Also, the paper on the center as you can see in the picture above. It was just to add something to it but you can keep it as it if you want.

The last thing, I’m going to need for this project. Is a blue belt for decoration and you will see in a bit how I’m going to use them. Stay tuned. However, these belts measure, the length is based on the cardboard boards and the width is about 3cm.

The process of making the project

The board glued together. An Awesome DIY portable bookshelf with a drawer

So as you can see in the picture above. I glued the boards to make an open box which some of you guessed will be a box haha. But it wasn’t yet finished because I’m just getting started, you know.

The most work on this project was covering the boards with white and cutting them. Because they are big boards. And I had to cut many of them.

The top shelf added. An Awesome DIY portable bookshelf with a drawer

As you can see in the picture above. I glued the top shelf using gun glue. And I only glued it which is enough to hold as many books as possible. I thought of adding more cardboard on the sides. But trying this was enough. However, you would need to put more glue on the sides so it can be stronger.

The inside of the portable bookshelf.

Here is how it looks from the insdie. The drawer won’t stop at the edge of the box and the boards were longer than the drawer. So the drawer gets deep inside. I made the two cardboard pieces to stop the drawer from going further inside.

You can skip this by making sure that the boards are perfectly measured with the drawer. It would take me forever to do everything all over again. So I fixed it using this way haha.

The drawer with the handle. An Awesome DIY portable bookshelf with a drawer

You guys have seen this in the first part. However, not with the handle as it is shown can see in the picture above haha. I kept it for the second part so it will be obvious to guess it, you know.

So this is the second shelf and it is a drawer for the books. I have tested the handle strength. And let me tell you that. It was perfect. Just make sure to add more glue to the handle and drawer. I used a glue gun which stronger and it dries quicker.

An Awesome DIY portable bookshelf with a drawer

Wrapping this project with adding the blue belt on the edges of this project. As you can see in the picture above. I wanted to put more decorations on the sides but it would take me too long to finish this project.

So I had to go with the simple look because I was afraid that it won’t work or something fails, you know haha.

Good news, everything is working perfectly and this portable bookshelf can hold as many books as possible.

The finished look of the bookshelf

I also added some blue belts on the bottom sides and the front of the drawer as well for more coloring touches. You can choose any color you want. I just thought blue would be perfect.

The drawer and bookshelf.
More pictures of the finished bookshelf.

Conclusion of this awesome DIY portable bookshelf with a drawer

Well, this is it for this post. And the second part of the project that I made for the first time for book lovers. It was a fun project but also a little bit longer which is worth it.

I would love to know what you guys this of this idea. It could be something useful for book lovers. As I said, you can put it on the cabinet next to the couch. And put any book on it or inside the drawer that you still need to finish. This going to help for quick reach and a safe place for books. If you have a bigger bookshelf.

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An Awesome DIY portable bookshelf with a drawer


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