From Assembly Lines to Highways: Agrati’s Bolts Ensure Superior Automotive Performance

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Passionate drivers usually know everything about the parts of their vehicle: what’s that part for, who’s the manufacturer, maintenance routines, etc. Not many of them will know about the quality of the fasteners that hold everything together though.

However, if you own a car, there’s a huge chance you’ll have Agrati’s bolts and other fasteners on it. Agrati’s components are used in the assembly of over forty million vehicles every year.

Here’s how Agrati’s bolts can elevate your vehicle’s performance and safety.

Agrati is a global leader in the automotive fastener industry, with five logistic centers and 12 production plants across three continents. However, the company’s road to the top started in 1939 in Italy, when it was still a family business.

Excellence in Every Detail

Nowadays, the company turnover is valued at EUR 735 million and counts on a workforce of 2,400 specialized professionals, developing hundreds of new products yearly.

Although Agrati boasts over eighty years of industry expertise, the company hasn’t stopped in time. Indeed, it’s committed to continuously improving its machinery and production methods: Agrati invests 8% of its revenue in innovative technologies.

The company’s forward-thinking attitude ensures a yearly production of more than 8 billion pieces annually, mostly directed to OEMs and car manufacturers.

Bolts – A Solid Tradition of Quality

Every day, Agrati’s plants deliver an output of more than 5 million screws. The company handles the entire process almost autonomously: heat treatment, cold forging, wire drawing, tooling, and thread rolling. Agrati also counts on qualified suppliers to handle specific demands.

High-strength screws are vital for assembling steering wheels, transmissions, engines, brakes, suspensions, wheels, and safety systems.

That’s why automotive screws must have the highest quality standards: the drivers’ safety depends on it. It’s also easy to understand why Agrati rose to the top of this industry.

Agrati applies cold forging technologies to produce its bolts and screws, improving their resistance and accuracy. Its portfolio also includes items with thread-locking pads, anti-unscrewing features, captive washers, and self-aligning ends. All items are ISO 898-1 certified.

Agrati also has a range of licensed screws, where even more special features can be added. Licensed options include anti-cross threading, self-forming screws for plastic, self-forming screws for metal, and flow-forming screws for sheet metal. Those items can be further improved with features like self-locking, friction coefficient, appearance, and corrosion resistance.

Exclusive Solutions

Agrati’s drive for innovation led the company to develop a line of patented items: Panoplast, screws with captive sleeves, and ring collar screws.

Panoplast combines the best features of PT screws and Plastite, resulting in a product that’s more resistant to vibration loosening, a better load ratio, and reduced stress. More importantly, it can be used with several types of plastic.

Screws with captive sleeves employ cold forging technology and are delivered already assembled. They have fewer components than similar fasteners, which speeds up assembly time on the clients’ production lines.

The ring collar screw goes through an automated assembly process, using a wide array of coatings that keep the spacer sleeve during transportation.

Ahead of the Curve

Agrati’s unwavering commitment to innovation also led to the creation of the Agrati University. The Agrati University is a place where students and suppliers can get specialized training with experienced engineers and market experts on the latest developments in the automotive fasteners industry.

You already know how much reliability matters regarding the parts that ensure your safety behind the wheel. You also know that a zero-defect quality standard is vital for the parts that hold your vehicle together, so it’s easy to understand why Agrati is at the top of its sector.

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