A way to save memories of daily stories and precious moments of our life

Hello… Hello everyone. What a weekend! I hope you all enjoyed this weekend and ready to get everything done for this week and start going after the goals you have on the list for this month as well because we are already into the next month, happy new month to everyone by the way! I don’t recommend you to postpone anything for another time because that time may not come at all and therefore, it will be tough to do it. Talking about things we should do, I’ve changed my schedule from Monday-Wednesday to Monday-Thursday starting this week at the same time as before, and I will be updating these details on my Twitter account which my main account that contains these details.

A way to save memories of daily stories and precious moments of our life

I tweeted that I’m doing something new on the blog in my Twitter and it suppose to me in this post, but I’m holding a little bit on it until I study everything about it because I don’t think anyone has done it before which also makes me nervous if it doesn’t work, you know. Make sure to follow me on my Twitter because I will be posting updates regarding this.

One of my favorite thing for this weekend is watching football because if you know me, I’ve never watched it before and I started watching it just right before the Superbowl for this year and I was excited to watch it the last matches and all the way. This is that time when we get to do things which we never did or think that it wasn’t worth until we live the moment and the joy of it. Ah, it will be a little bit tough to deal with the people who would be like ‘oh, you said that you don’t like football, why are you watching?’ haha. Anyways, What was your favorite thing about this weekend?

Today I decided to talk about one of the topics I’ve added since I started this blog which is apps time. I have no idea how I did come up with that name because, at that time, my goal is to have a different name than the usual which people used to see, and something would describe the point of it because I’m not doing full reviews or anything, but just share some stuff about it which I liked, and things like that. Though I’m thinking to have time to re-name everything in my blog to something even better.

A way to save memories of daily stories and precious moments of our life

Anyways, I was browsing in my iPhone app store and found this awesome app which I think it will be interesting for you to know if you are a person who loves to keep track of his life daily and save stories or things which happen during each day to remember later after a while or go through it in another time to see how it was, and what things happened in case you are looking for something you missed about whatever you added. By the way, This is not a sponsored post or anything, it’s just me sharing with you guys my perspective.

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There are some things that I like about this app which I think will be a good thing for me to start using it though I’ve been using it for a couple of days now. This app called ‘Reflectly’ and it has a really simple way to put a story together. You can also share your emotion of whatever that happened in the day and add notes to it and everything could be done in nice steps. There are more things you can do throughout the process which you can check it out yourself.

A way to save memories of daily stories and precious moments of our life

Let say, If you have a special occasion that happened at the weekend and you want to keep it somewhere else for memories that you can get to it again after a while because there is a way which you can also add one picture of the event or whatever is it as a background picture and if there are more pictures that you want to add to it, there will be an option in the bottom of the story you added once you finish. However, you will have different pictures if you don’t add any background picture to clear that out, smile. There is an option to put how did you feel in the day which the occasion happened which is an amazing thing.

Also, like how the app provides accurate faces of feelings as options rather than giving me the option to write because sometimes I feel lazy to write a lot which can be a reason to stop doing it, and this totally would help at least start it, and have the motivation to set it in my opinion. Feels good to just pick between things when going through a process and I think there are some people that would be like me haha. If I want to set a moment quickly once it happens with this app that would be easier than some apps I think which another thing that I like.

A way to save memories of daily stories and precious moments of our life

There is also something I would call it a bonus step for completing the process which gives you at the end different questions about you or what you like or things you like, and it will be added to the list which really cool and you can view it when going through the memory, this is nice too. There are more into this app that you can check it out if you like to try it.

For example, if my friends and I were taking like a nice memory photo of us in a place we haven’t visited it before, and one of them has that weird posing, and he didn’t know about that which is funny, haha, and he be like ‘Oh my god, how I look like this’ I would save it as something funny in the same it happened quickly with this app which then later after weeks, we can see it again and remember everything about it.

I think I’m going to do it for when any of my friends or relatives gift me next time something really exciting which I’ve been wanting for a long time or amazing thing because I think such moments like this is really going to be worth, and with this app, it meant to be for it in, my opinion. I’m already having a lot of ideas on how to use this app haha.

I appreciate you reading till this point, and if you enjoyed me talking about this app, I will be talking about more stuff in our lives in the future on this blog, subscribe to the blog using the subscription box below, and you can find more of what I’m writing about in the sidebar if you want to see more of topics I write about and share, and make sure to subscribe to never miss a post when it publish on time. Have an amazing day and a wonderful week.

A way to save memories of daily stories and precious moments of our life
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