A trip to the Yarmarka museum and what to expect

Heyoo, everyone. How’s everything going? everything is great and you enjoying this week, I hope. Today I’m going to take you guys on a different trip. It’s going to be a long trip and full of awesome things because it’s the best one I have done yet. This is a trip to the Yarmarka museum and what to expect.

Well, let me tell you that 100% I did not expect that it will be this good. It was a surprise because I thought I’m going into a museum that has statues and things like that. However, it wasn’t like that. Like any museum, but It was even better and more like in the future. And how things will be in the next decade, maybe.

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I wasn’t sure if I want to go or not because some people said that it’s not worth a visit. However, I kept looking and found out that it has a good rate and people who went there loved it. Then, I decided to go and give it a visit myself, and see things. But also capture them, and write about them because that’s what I love besides visiting, you know.

I got on the bus which has a way(because every bus has specific stops and ways to go on) to the area I wanted to go to. And after a few minutes, a group of ladies got on the bus as well and not a single person was a man lol. It made me think, maybe I’m going on the wrong bus or perhaps the place only for ladies haha. I spent the ride for a few stops with only ladies.

Anyways, let me take you on this trip and show you everything around. It’s going to be a long journey. I would recommend a tea or coffee for this tour.

About this museum

At first, I thought it was only a mansion or something. Since it’s long and has water fountains. But, I looked on the internet and found that it’s a tourist attraction museum. Plus, this place got a long history. That’s when I decided I have to visit it.

This is not a regular museum that has statues and different exhibitions. Over the years it changed to a few things. But the name of it means “Fair” which held annually every July near Makaryev Monastery on the left bank of the Volga River from the mid-16th century to 1816. This is the first it was discovered. But after the massive fire that occurred. It was moved to Nizhny Novgorod and is still referred to as Makaryev Fair.

This fair was a commerce center to sell up to half the total production of export goods in Russia. However, today it changed to be a museum with new improved technology to show history. About the country and different things in the world. You can read about here if you want to know more about this place.

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Also, it holds a lot of events for tourists and locals to attend. And each month, I think they do two to three of different events because I missed one but there will be another one in the next week. I might go to it and document it. This way it keeps locals and tourists interest and lets them keep coming back to it.

Alrighty, buckle up and let’s get this trip to the Yarmarka museum and what to expect started.

A trip to the Yarmarka museum and what to expect

The first view of the bus stop,  trip to the Yarmarka museum and what to expect

When I arrived at the location, the bus stop was a little far from the actual place we will look at in this post. This is good because I want to show you around as we move toward it. It’s about 10 minutes walk, but I’m going to make it less than that, don’t worry.

A view of the stadium,  trip to the Yarmarka museum and what to expect

Before going forward, something I want to talk about is that when you arrive at the bus stop. And when you look behind, you will find the stadium right there. It was unexpected for me, but I’m sure it will keep showing in my posts until I get inside one day haha.

However, it was empty and I’m still looking when the next matches will start because I want to watch it. I think it will be a while though because it doesn’t look like it will be any time soon.

A walking road with building,  trip to the Yarmarka museum and what to expect
A view of the road with building,  trip to the Yarmarka museum and what to expect

There are different buses with different stops, but with this one I came on, I had to walk a little bit, but it was good. Because it gives me a chance to explore more of the area. I decided to take some pictures as I walk and I have to walk to the end of the pedestrian as you see in the first picture above. Then, go left and straight to the actual place we want to see.

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A view of the building, and view of the museum from a distance.

I saw the building from a distance, and I got excited to get inside before they close because it was an hour before they close. It was a long ride on the bus from the place I started the trip. So I rushed to the place because I don’t want to miss it.

A view of the museum from a distance

A view of the birds, trip to the Yarmarka museum and what to expect

There were birds on the ground and I had to stop to take pictures of them. I wanted to test how good a photographer I am lol. I’m still learning, it looks like haha.

Anyways, now let’s go, and I’m going to show some pictures as I walk forward. I will see you when we reach the place, Enjoy!

The first part of the trip to the Yarmarka museum and what to expect

A view of the museum from close, trip to the Yarmarka museum and what to expect
The backside of the museum, trip to the Yarmarka museum and what to expect

A view of the backside of the museum

A view of the backside of the museum
The hotel park view from distance with the museum, trip to the Yarmarka museum and what to expect
Another view of the backside, trip to the Yarmarka museum and what to expect

AND here we are at the Yarmarka museum. Well, still not inside but we have arrived. Also, this is only the backside of it because I didn’t know from which gate to get in, but I’m glad I didn’t. Otherwise, I won’t be able to make these pictures.

I said earlier that it was a surprise to me. The first one was that I found out there is a statue next to the museum. There was a picture I saw on google. And I thought it was in a different spot, but it was here all the time haha.

Also, on my way there, there were skaters while I was walking. It made me think of how easy life would be for me to have a skateboard and save time moving around lol. Maybe soon, I will manage to buy one, then, start skating.

Anyways, I’m going to the statue later. Let’s go and see how the front side looks like.

The front side of the museum

The front side of the museum,  trip to the Yarmarka museum and what to expect
The fountain in the front side, trip to the Yarmarka museum and what to expect

This is the front side, where the events are held. I think people gather here during events and occasions, but when I was there. I saw a few people and photographers because it was a chill day.

Plus, I missed one of the events. I only knew about them late which already happened, and who knows what was there. However, based on google, it says it was about fishing.

Anyways, I’m glad I had the place for myself. I spent time taking pictures as I walk around the park. I can imagine how it will be taking pictures with people all around the place, it will be bad.

Halfway of the trip to the Yarmarka museum and what to expect

The trees and fountains in the front side, trip to the Yarmarka museum and what to expect
The hotel and statue view
The view to the street from the park
More view of the front site

I’m starting to get the feeling when taking pictures while others look at you like “What are you doing?

There also will be a couple of pictures at the end of this post when the lights turned on. Because this place looks good at night time. I wanted to see how it looks. The structures and colors of the building make it looks better.

I like how big this front side is because families can park and also still have a place to stay and enjoy the time during the events.

Alrighty, now shall we get inside and see how it looks like! There will be another surprise that I wasn’t expecting as well.

The inside of the museum

The inside of the museum

I went inside and there were a hall and cashers, but I couldn’t take pictures of it. Because it’s not that important and people were there. It will be rude of me to take pictures as soon as I got inside lol. They warmly welcomed me inside the museum and if I knew the Russian language better, that would be perfect.

However, once you get inside, you will have two options, left or right. I picked the left side as you go inside from the main gate. When I started my tour and look at the walls and screens, I thought it will be boring and not worth it until I find out that it’s like a maze. As I go inside, things get even more interesting and it was good.

Everything was in the Russian language, but also, they have people who can guide you throughout the museum and explain everything as you explore. Also, they asked me if I want English translation audio or something. But I only wanted to look around and explore.

A route to more rooms inside the museum
One of the ways to learn more
Another room of the inside

As you move around, you will find different rooms with screens and a lot of information on each screen. Also, you have more than one way to learn about things, cities, and even events decades ago or since the start. So, let me show you around!

More pictures of the inside

A hallway to other rooms
The room with a table screen
More table screens and more information
View of more rooms in the side
A view of more rooms with information
A table screen in one of the rooms

Something impressed me is that we can interact with the screens on the tables with touches. It’s like we are living in the future and I can’t skip without taking videos of it. Because this is the first time I have done this and kinda gives me the feeling like we are in a movie haha.

First, when I got in, I was alone. But, after a few minutes, I bumped into a group of locals exploring and learning about the history and wandering around. I felt like a weird outsider and left because also by the time they got in. I already finished exploring.

Here are a couple of videos of how it looks when you want to interact with the table screens.

Videos of the table screens

With all of these, I still have a lot to talk about. I might save it and do another part for the right side as well. It was a great experience for my first time being in this museum. This concludes our tour inside the museum and leave us one thing to check out before wrapping this “trip to the Yarmarka museum and what to expect” post.

The last part of the trip to the Yarmarka museum and what to expect

View of the statue from distance

So I got out of the museum a little bit late and the sun was about to set. Leaving me about half-hour or so to explore and take more pictures. However, it would’ve been perfect pictures during the night time, as I said. Because with the lights it makes a good view. But, I got back home before night time.

Anyways, if you walk a little bit forward, you find that they are working on something and I couldn’t see someone of a charge to ask. I guess we will find out soon.

I’m going, to be honest, I saw that hotel “park hotel” which seems a high rated hotel and I imagined myself doing hotel tours and reviews lol. This will be interesting and hopefully, soon I will start doing it.

However, for now, let’s do another tour around the statue and see things from a close distance.

Around the Statue

A view of the statue from close with cars around
A view of the statue from the side
A different angle of the statue
An angle showing the museum from the statue
The statue with the sunset

The sun started to set as I reached the end of the tour which was dope haha. I tried to do some photoshoot with the sunset, but I don’t have the right equipment yet for that. But, the last picture(above) is kind close to be a good shot, In my opinion.

Anyways, we are about to reach the end of this trip to the Yarmarka museum and what to expect. Last thing I want to show some pictures of the museum with the lights turned on as I said at the beginning of the post. It wasn’t that dark but I guess it will do to show how it would be.

The museum with the lights turned on
Another angle of the museum while the lights turned on
The museum from next to the river

Something that all of the three places I visited is that they all by the Volga river. Honestly, when I was going to the bus stopped. I noticed that it’s close to the river because I came from the backside of the museum haha. Here we have reached the end of the trip to the Yarmarka museum and what to expect.

Conclusion and final thoughts

The place might not be crowded with a lot of people yet, but it was perfect to take pictures before and after, you know. This is one of the places, if I had a drone, I could take much better pictures of it. Overall, it was a good trip and will keep an eye on the activities happening over there.

If you enjoyed going through this trip and reached this point, thank you so much. I will be doing more of these and even better in the future. Please subscribe and follow the blog and my social media. Finally, I would love to know your thoughts on this place and what do you rate it.

A trip to the Yarmarka museum and what to expect


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