A trip to the monumental “Breakthrough” sculpture

Hello, lovelies. I hope you having a wonderful week so far. My favorite day of the week is today because I get to share with you guys the fun of my adventure and trip to the monumental “breakthrough” sculpture. This is my second trip so far in this city and I’m already enjoying it.

It might be the second trip for me, but I’m officially announcing that I’m going to be a travel blogger from now on. I’ve had a warm welcome from other travel bloggers in my previous travel post. This is going to be fun because being a DIY and travel blogger work well with each other.

My next goal is to do DIY posts in different cities and countries. That would be challenging and worth it. Because you never know what can you do in each city, you know.

Also, I got more options. If I’m working on a big project and don’t want to show the process. I can just turn the day from the DIY post to travel. Before, when it was only DIY, there were some weeks gone without a post and it’s not good. However, this will help a lot.

A while ago, I looked at some DIY bloggers’ profiles and blogs, I found they do food and DIY first. I thought I might have to do it to boost up the content and everything. But I guess this is how it will be haha.

Enough said and let’s get right into today’s post, I hope you will enjoy it because it will be interesting.

About the trip to the monumental “Breakthrough” sculpture

First of all, I don’t care how famous a place is as long as it has interesting things to share with you guys. Usually, when I look at some pictures of the place using google map I decide whether it’s worth it or not. However, I wasn’t sure about this place because there were not enough pictures of it, but I visited it anyway.

The place turned out to be interesting and some people see it as a tourist attraction like my previous trip. Locals tend to go there as families more and that’s another thing I figured it out when I went there. However, you can find people as well, and not just families. By the way, this located in Nizhny Novgorod and also by the Volga river.

It’s called the “breakthrough” because the sculpture looks like a giant man coming out from the earth and it was built in 2015. You see will it in the pictures below. It was built by the Hungarian artist Erwin Herve-Laurent.

My previous travel post: My first adventure to the Kater Geroy “The hero boat”

The artist was aiming to show and prove that art is such a beautiful thing and it should be living in the streets among people. He wants to make art closer to people. “This sculpture is a symbol of how contemporary art should be present in our daily lives, on the streets, in the space of our cities,” he said.

“Guest from Hungary comes to Nizhny Novgorod every year and not always with empty hands…” the head of the city said and thanked the official guests. Locals were supportive of his art and they were interested in his work.

Anyways, let me take you on a trip and learn even more about the place as we wander around.

The beginning of the trip to the monumental “Breakthrough” sculpture

The beginning of the trip to the  monumental   "Breakthrough" sculpture.

I took a bus to the place which was a trip for about an hour and 20 minutes. However, I thought to stop before reaching the destination to explore more around the place. You never know what can you see.

Looking at the picture above, the sculpture and the trip will start as soon as we go to the right side. I just thought to take a picture of this lovely weather with the nice looking sky.

By the way, it was a rainy day with cold weather, which wasn’t the best experience for the first time. However, it was good overall.

A lot of well designed buildings during The beginning of the trip to the  monumental   "Breakthrough" sculpture

It wasn’t only a trip to the monumental “Breakthrough” sculpture, but also there were amazing buildings with style. This added a nice touch to the place, and it’s not over yet because there will be more stuff that will help to make it more interesting.

So I had to stop and take a picture of it before going forward with the trip to the “Breakthrough” sculpture. The structure and design of these buildings were nice, I don’t have much information about it and couldn’t find it on the internet.

A view of the park

A view of the park in the trip to the  monumental   "Breakthrough" sculpture

I thought I was going up to only see buildings. But, there is a park before going to the sculpture. This is a walking park and for the family to enjoy some fresh air while kids play around.

However, like my previous post, this would be perfect in any season other than winter. There are benches and some activities we will go through in a second. It would be nice if everything were green all colorful on a sunny day, like a good picnic.

Before going forward, let me show you how it looks when you look on the sides of the road.

A view of the street in the trip to the  monumental   "Breakthrough" sculpture

The park

Closeup view of the park and buildings in the trip to the  monumental   "Breakthrough" sculpture

Here we go, this is a closeup view of the park, I would call it. Since it’s not that big I’m not sure if it’s called that. However, we will do anyway. Also, I’m planning to do part two of this when everything is green, don’t worry.

Anyways, now let me show you and go through the park. Then, I will talk more about it.

Benches at the park in the trip to the  monumental  "Breakthrough" sculpture
More pictures of the park in the trip to the  monumental  "Breakthrough" sculpture
The buildings in the trip to the  monumental  "Breakthrough" sculpture

When I was walking around, I spotted slides and fun stuff for the kids and had to go to take pictures of it. However, there were families and didn’t want to be creepy taking pictures. So I went to take pictures of the same slides and stuff in a different area of the park.

A view of kids slides in the park in the trip to the  monumental "Breakthrough" sculpture
A view of a soccer court in the trip to the monumental "Breakthrough" sculpture

There is also a small soccer court if there are kids who love to play soccer during the picnic. I used to play with friends when I was a kid and my family go out.

A view of the side of the park

A view of the big mall near the park

As you walk through the park, you will see a big building on the right of it. That’s a big mall and it’s something adds to this place. As I said, there will more things that add to make it more interesting. This mall consists of a supermarket and many more shops and restaurants.

Also, you can spot the sculpture from the picture above. That’s our final destination and the purpose of this trip. If you keep walking forward, you will find that you walk toward the river as well. That’s another thing in common with the previous place. All of it, at the edge of the river which makes it a tourist attraction, in my opinion.

Let’s go see the “breakthrough” sculpture, shall we?

A view of the the monumental "Breakthrough" sculpture from a distance
Behind the monumental "Breakthrough" sculpture
The side view of the sculpture

Here we go, the moment you’ve been waiting for!

The monumental “Breakthrough” sculpture

The view side of the sculpture
The front of The monumental "Breakthrough" sculpture
Closeup view of the front of The monumental "Breakthrough" sculpture

Here is the big sculpture “Breakthrough” and as you can see, it’s a giant man trying to come out of the earth upward. It’s 17 meters wide, but not sure if you can tell, but it’s also made of polystyrene and painted as the color of concrete.

I’m not sure if you have seen this somewhere else, but it was first installed in Budapest in 2014 in Secheni park as part of the annual art market. Then, it was moved to the German city of Ulm. But it was installed temporarily on the banks of Danube, the butcher tower which is a local attraction. You can read with translation more on here.

The monumental "Breakthrough" sculpture from the side
The monumental "Breakthrough" sculpture from the front in a distance
Another angle from the sculpture
The sculpture from the front

As you look at the last picture above, the park and where we were at the beginning is all behind it. However, it faces the river and there is a long walking road which I want to show it before ending this post.

A walking road by the river and front of the monumental "Breakthrough" sculpture
A chairs by the river on the walking road
A river view on the walking road

I actually spent like an hour walking and talking to my mom on the phone and show her the beautiful scene of this. It was nice and a charming view and tried to make my mom’s day haha.

Also, in the first picture, it shows the big stadium in this city. One day, I will get in and share my first ever experience being inside one. I’m not sure when though.

Conclusion and final thoughts

The place is nice and had a really good time there. However, I think you would get the most of it during summer or spring. I’m going for part two if I get the chance of going there again during these seasons and take even better pictures.

Anyway, it was a good trip to the monumental “Breakthrough” sculpture for me, what about you? did you enjoy this trip? I will be doing more trips like this in the future. Please make sure to subscribe and follow me on social media to fresh content on time.

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