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A simple cardboard room decoration idea for kids

Welcome to the first post of this week. Finally, I’m getting my strength back on staying consistent with content for my blog. However, for letting this be possible I had to do some changes on how to make things. Anyways, something I chose for this week’s post is something specific. This is a simple cardboard room decoration idea for kids.

We still in this situation but things getting slightly better. But, I still need to consume things lesser than usual. Because it’s difficult to restock when I run out of supplies, you know. I encourage people to keep working on what they are working but in a different way than usual. For me, like I just mentioned and it helps me to keep going.

Also, another reason is that I want to pick my posting schedule again. It’s been hard for me to make it possible with doing long and big projects. Like I used to do it before. I’m talking about more than two days working on an idea none stop. But this, it’s almost a day working on it. I just feel like I want to explain to you guys what’s happening with my content and update you about me.

The previous post was an idea I wanted to do for a long time and I finally, had the chance to do it. There is something in me that I want to try new ideas and find more ideas that possible within my niche. Honestly, It’s going well until I keep going without taking time to post more of an idea I found good for content haha. Anyways, please enjoy the simple cardboard room decoration idea for kids.

About the idea

There are few things inspired me to do this idea. Every project I do, it should have at least one purpose unless it’s something for chilled posts that I randomly choose. That’s why I struggle to decide which idea I should do first when it comes to writing about projects.

The first reason is that I wanted to do something quick and help me to finish in time so I can post it today. As I said, these are like one-day ideas and I’m probably going to do more of it in the future. Work on them in a short time. And still can be a nice decoration for the house or whatever purpose they made for.

The second reason, since I ever started doing projects I never did a decoration with only cardboard. There should be a layer of white thick papers added because I think it looks better. However, for this post, I decided to do one without any additional layers to it. It feels a little weird looking at it since it’s the first time doing it. This like a house without painting haha. Please enjoy the simple cardboard room decoration idea for kids

A simple cardboard room decoration idea for kids

Additional to the reasons I mentioned earlier, this could be good to make the kids busy decorating their room. DIY for kids is always fun because it’s their job to enjoy the time. My little brother gets creative with building stuff with Logos.

A base cardboard, A simple cardboard room decoration idea for kids

We are back to the same old beginning haha. However, this time, it will only be cardboard. This is base on a 22/13 cm measure to be able to hold all the items that will be created for this decoration. You can use any cardboard in the house as long as it has the right measures because we are about to set up a meeting.

Also, later when I was about to finish the project, I figured this helped me to consume less thick papers which is good for the supplies haha.

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Anyways, something I also figured that cardboard has different types based on thickness haha. I might not be a manufacturer but it took me a while to figure this out.

The chair legs before math, A simple cardboard room decoration idea for kids

Moving to the next step. You can’t guess yet but we are building a custom cardboard chair made at home haha. The picture above is showing the legs for it. And I thought to be more creative to create a new leg that I never did haha.

It might not be a perfect leg but it could hold an imaginary person or animal in that size. Also, the amount in the picture above is for two chairs that will be showing in the next pictures.

The chair style legs drawn, A simple cardboard room decoration idea for kids

Before proceeding to the next step, of making the legs, I drew the style of which I want it to look like and the picture above is what I wanted. It might look slightly different but still going to look nice in the end, don’t worry. It’s just my hand shaking haha.

The finished version of legs, A simple cardboard room decoration idea for kids

I looked at the chair and divided it into two parts. The top and bottom parts. This so far the bottom side where is the legs and the flat surface which we sit on. In the picture above are the final look of the legs and the surface. You can do any leg style you want but that’s just what I wanted it to look like.

The bottom part of the chair, A simple cardboard room decoration idea for kids

Here is the look of the bottom part of the chairs. It’s not yet finished but the picture starting to get clear and you will see the finished version of it at the end.

Also, as you can see, the cardboard is a little bit thick. That when I figured out you can have different types of it based on thickness. However, this type is good for this project.

The required items for the top part, A simple cardboard room decoration idea for kids

Now that the bottom is ready. We need the required items for the top side. I think it’s easy to figure the necessary stuff to put on the top for everyone to feel comfortable when sitting.

I like how you can do things like real life and actual things with cardboard haha. It’s fun to practice your knowledge and learn more about it.

The first step in the process of making the top part
The second step of making the top part of the chair

There is the chair showing in the picture above with one missing item that will be presented in the last step. I might have said without any additional layers, but I had to add a white layer to the chair, you know haha. However, you see the full picture of it and will be even better when things get together in the end.

The table in the last step

This might look like a box, but it’s not. It’s a table because I said we are going to set up a meeting decoration haha. I forgot to take pictures and I had to stop before doing the last step to take a picture. Though I took a lot of pictures, there will be only one will make it in the post.

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Anyways, I think we are done presenting the essentials for this decoration and now it’s time to get things together and show the full and final picture. There might not be a long cinematic scene for this project haha because they are not that big and will take few seconds to get them finished.

The first chair attached to the base.
The second chair attached to the main base
The last step, the table attached to the main base
A close up view of the table and chairs
The final version of the decoration

Here is the final look of this project. As always, it’s a bit difficult to name projects like these. But as you can see what is it and you can put it on a table in the kids’ room for decoration.

I wanted to add something to make the picture better with a bird on a stand behind the chair, but it seems that it will be for another time for an upgrade In the future. Other than that, it’s ready for meeting and television shows haha.


This is was a fun project to do. I think the more time it will take to finish a project, the more it will test you how dedicated you are. It gets boring the more we spend time working on it. However, we have reached the end of this post. if you want to read about more of these posts. Maybe even better ideas in the future. Please subscribe or follow the blog. Have a wonderful day and as always stay home and stay safe.

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A simple cardboard room decoration idea for kids


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