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A new custom desk decoration for business owners

.Hello everyone, I know it’s been a while since the last time I posted on the blog. that’s because I’ve been busy working on a new project that I will share in this post. The project is called “A new custom desk decoration for business owners”. I’ve done another one previously and it was much bigger than this. Because it was like a billboard we usually see everywhere but in 3D and smaller in size haha.


I hope you had a great start of this year and ready to accomplish all of your resolutions and goals. I’ve read so many amazing goals and it’s interesting to see how others going after them and are successful. I have my own goals and resolutions as well which I’m working on it as well, but I didn’t mention it anywhere.


I thought it would be easy to set a schedule for posting and still being a DIY blogger. However, it appears to be so difficult because the more my projects become harder and cooler, the more time I will spend on it. Which makes it hard to decide how long it will take. I plan to do two posts per week. They’re going to be new posts that talk about funny stuff during the process of making a project. This way I can keep doing fresh content while doing my projects. Sometimes just aim to make it simple and quick idea haha.


Anyways, I just want to share that with you because I feel like you guys need to know this plan. I’ve been lacking content recently and I can’t do it again. Last year, I spent like a month without content. One of my goals for this year is to fly around the world and work with other DIY bloggers. It’s going to be a huge move, but I will do my best to achieve it.

About the idea

Today’s post a fresh idea I got recently not like some other ideas that were held on my mind for a while haha. I never imagined it would turn like this because it’s exactly how I pictured it in my imagination. I mean for some parts, it wasn’t as I wanted to be. Anyway, If you missed my previous desk decoration which I featured one of my bloggers’ friends. Make sure to give it a read and see how the 3D billboard turned out. Because this one is part two but in a different way. I did a full blog name in my previous post and with today’s idea, I’m only going to include an abbreviation.


This time I decided to do one for my family member. Since my uncle is a business owner and he owns a flight ticket reservations company. I thought to do one for him, this is how this idea originally came to my mind haha. This took some time to draw everything in my mind and see the possibilities and it was doable. But it took me like a week and a half working every day from morning till late night to get it done haha. Also, I never thought it would take like this but there were a lot of things that were required and so much work


I put so much work into this idea, I couldn’t write a tutorial post on how to do it. I’m going to present to you the idea of the project and maybe next post, I will try to do the behind the scene haha. This is something it never could be in my imagination that I would do behind the scene kinda stuff because I thought it would be impossible when I always watch one haha. Also, I don’t want to do crazy long posts which would take forever to finish if I was a reader lol. However, this post will be a little bit longer than any of my previous as of my memory haha.


Here we go:

let’s get started and show what am I talking about for this post. Get ready for the big reveal of my big project in 2020 haha. Don’t forget to grab your favorite drink to enjoy because it’s going to be a long read.

The main base

The main base for the project

I’m going to start by showing the clean base but it’s not too clean though. I drew the lines of every part to kinda get the right measures and everything, you know. Also, notice how this kinda a little bigger because this is going to be a big desk decoration. Which requires a big desk to allow more spaces for other important things. I think we could place it on any desk as long as we keep it clean.

Also, this could’ve been a square, but I thought it would be better to cut little of each corner. It wasn’t as I wanted though, but it was good. I’m going to mention what everything made of in my tutorial posts if I will do it for the next week’s post. Because showing each step will take a long post haha.

The stands

The letters stand

You might wonder why I haven’t explained the project. That’s because it’s will be explained throughout the post. However, I had to do a couple of stands like in the picture above. Which is for something heavy as if we were about to do a real 3D project haha. I have a lot of pictures of every step, but I thought to kinda demonstrate the idea with a few pictures of different stands and steps. Otherwise, it will a long night for that.

Each stand would take me at least half-hour to get it done. Because I had to spend time doing maths and physics haha. I take this stuff seriously and want to make sure everything as real as possible. And not just like any other stuff on the internet.

Another stand

The base/stand for the cubeThere are more than just two stands. This one showing in the picture above is for the cubes I made. Which you will see later in the post. Sometimes I get an idea in my mind and end up changing it into something else, but this one worked so well and I’m glad. I took most of the pictures late at night or maybe even 3 in the morning. That’s why half of it is dark haha.

The cubes

One of the colored cube

This is one of the cubes showing in the picture above and I made two. I forget to show the sides of it, but I only colored the front which makes it blue and white. Something that takes a lot of time besides making it is painting it. Also, this time I got another type of coloring pencils(not sure if they are pencils though haha). Called fiber tip pens to help to make the colors better looking.


The letters

The letter M for the project


Moving to the next step. Well, the first that I did is finishing the hardest one, which I’m going to show you next. But I thought to share with you the easy things before it gets more interesting, you know haha. I’ve done letters before in my previous posts which made it super quick. However, that doesn’t mean it’s not so easy to make a perfect letter. I don’t think mine was so good and not too bad as well because gluing it is a struggle sometimes.

Also, I thought instead of doing the entire name, just do the first letter of each word, but in this case which only one word. The company name is “Almanar”. I thought it would be perfect to take the “A” and “M” as shown in the picture above because it’s not two words.



The base for the letters was my last step when I was doing the project because it was the easiest one. That’s why I left them until the end.


The plane(main part)

First look after finishing the main part of the plane

Here comes the hardest part and the main one. I think abbreviations have no meaning without a logo if I want to do something like this. Since its Flight ticket reservations company, that means I have to do something to represent what they are about. Because I don’t think they have a logo. It took me a week and a half to just finish this part. Because I also had to put it under construction and get my physician’s brother involved to help with it haha. Well, I mean if we going to do something big, why not do it right?

I built a plane for my uncle’s company named it after their company’s name haha. You will see it in a bit when I share the aftermath work.

I wish I have a workshop where I can turn all my ideas into reality that would be so awesome. It’s one of my goals this year because I’m done having this awesome stuff in my mind which I want to build. But because there is no place to take my time and buy big pieces of equipment and things that could help with making much better stuff. I can’t upgrade my ideas to awesome stuff.

The wings

The wings for the plane

I did each part of the plane to make sure that I get it as perfect as I can. Which consist of three parts, the front, middle, and the back. If you would ask me which one was the hardest, I would say front haha. Because I had to make look as real as I could and that was so hard. It was a bit messy. However, it turned out okay as I never thought of doing this step, but my brother helped me with that.

The picture above as you can tell it’s the wings. I wanted to put two big fans under them, but I got distracted with so many things that I forgot to do it. However, everything turned out to be great because I wasn’t expecting the wings to be this good because it was hard to make a 3D and still look realistic haha.


After doing two parts of the plane:

The plane with two parts attached to it


After finishing all the parts, I started putting things together and don’t mind the windows haha. I was just testing how real could I make it and it was okay. I did it again and made even better at the end. Anyways, as you can see in the picture above that I already finished two parts, the back, and middle. It was a little difficult to put them together alone. However, I did it anyway because there was no one to help me during that time.

I had to add a lot of layers to the plane because every time I add a part, it messes up measures. And I wanted to look like it’s connected after doing all parts. I couldn’t manage to do that, but this doesn’t mean it didn’t work out because it helped even to make it better.

The final look

The finished look of the plane

Here go the final and finished look of the plane. After all the time I spent trying to make it perfect. It turns to be only good haha because the front is not really at its best and what I imagined. However, that doesn’t mean the rest of it’s not perfect. I think that I did better with the backside because it was the easiest part.

There was no idea in my mind on how I can do the front mirror, but with few attempts to see the perfect one. I decided to do as shown in the picture above. Everything I did during the making of the plane was new to me and was a bit struggle to finish. And yet trying to make it as real as possible in 3D. To be honest, I think I never imagined myself doing this haha.


Also, my brother said “after adding colors it will look great” and I don’t want to paint the entire plane. If I do that, it would ruin the look. So I only did the wings instead and it was enough in my opinion. I had no idea how to add the colors to it and just chose a random style for it haha.

I finished the plane and started doing the other parts. Then, I attempted to fly it around the room as if its a real one and it was perfect. Except for the missing part, which the fans under the wing. This means you can also make this plane for kids to play with it and have fun being a pilot haha.


At this point

Everything is ready and its time to put everything together. And create the desk decoration for my uncle. I will show some steps below with some pictures, but no words and will be back after that.

The process of putting things together:

First, the stands for the plane

The first stand for the plane attached to the main base

The cubes with their bases

The first cube attached to the main base

The second cube attached to the main base

The actual plane and the main part

Up front side view before the last step

The right side view before the last step


one more step until the last and final look of the desk decoration I made for my uncle for his company. I just want to mention some stuff before I finish it.

As you can see in the pictures above, I made the plane as of it took off. That’s why the front stand is longer than the one in the back. Which’s makes it awesome and everyone saw liked it. However, my uncle has no idea how it looks like. Because he is about to see it after I publish this post. Also, if you can see the name of the plane on the tail of it. Which I think the only spot I could think of since I added the windows haha.

I made the cubes stand like that on purpose because I think it makes look better. Instead of just lying down on their bases. Also, I could’ve colored them different colors, but matching the letter is what came in my mind. I think it was pretty good haha.

I don’t think this plane would take so many people, but I got an idea in the future. My idea is to build a real plane for my uncle if by that time he still has his company and everything as it is right now. I’m going to work on it and maybe make it earlier than expected haha. I think it will be cool and my uncle for sure he is going to love it. Them he will have a private trip only to anywhere around the world.

ALRIGHT, here is the last and final look after doing the last step, please drum roll…

Front close view of the letters

The final look after adding the letters. A close front look to present the letters which stand for “Almanar”, again. I didn’t mean to take this picture, but I think it’s perfect haha. Taking so many pictures was because it took me a long time to get this project all done. For that, I kinda felt like I have to do it haha.


Alright, this is the end of this post and thank you so much for reading through until this point. I hope you enjoyed your time reading. It was really fun doing this project and for a member of my family. What do you guys think of this idea? I would love to know your feedback on this. Also, I will be doing more things like this and even better in the future. If you don’t want to miss them, please follow my blog or/and subscribe via Email to receive future posts on time.


Here are more pictures of the final look:


The front side view of the project

Up front view of the entire project

The left side view of the project

The right side view of the project

The helicopter view of the project


A new custom desk decoration for business owners

Pinnable picture


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