A look of the gym day and First days of workout

Hello everyone and welcome to another post and this would be the third time I write on the new idea or update. Sometimes it could be hard to start something and this is ok, but always remember that it won’t last forever. You can always do whatever you want by starting step by step and you will achieve if you resist the first hard steps.

Today I’ve got another thing to add in the new update and as I said, I will be stating any additional things in the future posts. I started this idea with funny moments based on things and this time I will also be sharing based on places. Which means it’s going to be involved in a particular place. I’m going to make this post as an example to demonstrate how it will look like.

A look of the gym day and First days of workout

I took the gym as a place to demonstrate my way of writing such posts in this new idea. I actually go to the gym to get my body in a good shape if you are new to my blog. Because that is one of my goals. Ah, I sat a lot of goals and not sure which one I did or didn’t haha. You create a schedule for what you want to do and then other things just come in the way and take your attention and lead you to another road. That how life goes these days I think with even everyone.

Anyways, because I did go to the gym which means what I’m about to write is not from my mind but rather from a experience. The coach was really tough on me when I first start, he would let me do like 30 push-ups and I just started training in my first week. I managed to do it for like a week and then that would be so easy for me that I do more on my own after the coach says ‘that’s it’.

Sometimes I face a hard time starting after I do the push-ups and get ready for a workout because there would be tons of people already be working on all the equipment. The good thing that I got two options in this case which I can start by skipping it till they get off of it or line up and always choose to skip because there is no way I will wait by just look at them or wasting my time on other things. Imagine there is someone else who wants to do the same thing, that would make us two and the third one would make a line just like school’s lines for food waiting haha.

I’m going to be honest with you, sometimes when I see someone doing the same thing I want to do after him and seeing him doing it easily makes me think that it will be easy for me to do it in the same weight but when it happens, there is no way I can lift it or actually do it. But when I level up and it is harder to do, that would make me feel like I’m the hulk. I like how I can do a lot in each workout at the beginning and the more you level up, the less you will do. Ah, that reminds me of summer swimming in the pool, I will be so tired at the end and just want to nap for the rest of the day.

How awkward when the coach thinks you can do everything on your own when you didn’t even see someone doing it and you start doing wrong and all people were just staring at you like ‘What are you doing bro?’. That was my first couple of days at the gym when I started my workout sessions. Also, expect weird movements of your body for a while because it won’t be easy to change from shape to another when you only a had sleepy fat and weak body.

I just wonder why some gyms have a TV and turn on a music sometimes. it’s not like a club or something, but if we actually look into what the ‘Dance’ refer to in depth, we will understand why. I don’t think it’s just left and right movement but also up and down, you know what I’m saying. Dance those hands up and down when the music turn on. I would actually call this the gym club which somehow comes right.

Some people go crazy on the gym club with hardstyle which I really like it because it wakes up the inner power and just makes you turn into another human with working out. Everyone gets tired in a certain point where you can go even further. For myself, sometimes I listen to DJ music or sometimes I listen to motivational speeches because it helps me keep my motivation high and work better.

The moment when you ride the treadmill at the gym and look around and you find another person in a high level running so fat that would be normal and I think we used to it. However, that someone who turns the headset’s volume too loud while running that makes you listen to his music instead of your. That’s when you know he is really into it haha.

Something I don’t recommend is drinking a lot of water when you work out hard because that would just make you feel heavy. Have you ever ate so much food that makes your movements little bit hard? well, that is similar. One time I thought to drink an entire bottle of water to get my self back to finish my workout but it was all a reason that made me stop it for the day.

Alrighty, I think we reached the end of this post and this new topic of the new update. I hope you enjoyed reading it and I love to get feedback on everything I do new or old because it helps me to develop my self more at certain things that I wasn’t aware of. Thank you for reading till this point and as always stay safe and I will see you in the post.

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