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A DIY hanger for keys and cables without drilling

Hello, everyone, and welcome to another day with another post. I might have missed the second post last week haha. But, it’s all good since I do one post at least. Anyways, I’m back with another useful DIY item that can be used. However, it’s different and can’t use while sitting on the desk like my previous useful items. This is A DIY hanger for keys and cables without drilling.

As I said in my previous post. That there will be different ideas and things that are not decoration but still made at home. This might be something I have done before but still, it’s different haha. I’m still working on the new ideas that will be coming soon on the blog.

My favorite thing about DIY. is that you can come up as many ideas as you possibly can and still nothing. There will be new and new ideas always come up and we can’t run out of ideas. However, you might find longer or shorter ideas.

As much as doing DIY is fun. Sometimes it can be trouble when you don’t have enough time finishing the project. You need free time to do it without too many life responsibilities. That’s why I’m struggling to keep up the schedule haha.

Anyways, grab your tea and enjoy reading this post about A DIY hanger for keys and cables without drilling.

About the DIY hanger for keys and cables without drilling

Like I said before in my previous post. About doing something different. So today, I thought of writing about something I have never done before. However, I might have done something under the category of useful items but I will explain why it’ different.

At the moment of me thinking of a new idea for a post. I thought of doing a wall decoration but then, I was like. I want to do something different this time. And then this idea came up to my mind. So I started adding things to it until it became what you will see in this post.

I’m still working with two of my favorite items which are papers and cardboard haha. It might be the same items but can make many things with it. Until one day when I have a workshop and add other stuff to the menu haha. Like iron and wood and do different things.

The last part of the title of this post. Is where people think of these ideas but they think we have to drill. This idea is for people who don’t want to have holes on the wall. So this idea is perfect but you will use something else instead. Keep reading to know that.

A DIY hanger for keys and cables without drilling

Here we go! It’s not a long project but it’s handy. Also, the requirement it’s not that much which makes is it easy to do as well. You can be creative with it and add more ideas to it if you would like.

Things needed for the DIY hanger for keys and cables without drilling:

1-Long cardboard board

Long cardboard board, A DIY hanger for keys and cables without drilling

So the first one is we are going to need a board made of cardboard. If we think of it with different items, this would be probably wooden board lol. However, for this one, we are not doing any wooden stuff. Though, it would be even better if it’s all wood and use a different way of hanging it on the wall.

Since I want to hang a lot of objects on it. I thought of doing a longboard, and as you can see in the picture above, the measurements. However, it could be adjusted to any measurements as long as it fits.

I’m going to make two hangers for keys and two for cables because in case we have too many keys haha. For sure, we have too many cables that we don’t use a lot and this could be a good way to keep them in one place.

2-Cardboard hooks

Cardboard hooks, A DIY hanger for keys and cables without drilling

I wasn’t sure how I’m going to do it with cardboard and papers haha. However, then, I got an idea as you can see in the picture above. Where I cut four cardboard circles and then cut four columns for each circle so it can be made as a strong hook.

This is something I have done before and it came handy this time haha. It might look messy above in the picture but you will see the final look of it in the next picture.

Finished look of the hooks,  A DIY hanger for keys and cables without drilling

As you can see in the picture above. The finished look of it. Also, if you notice, the first two in the picture have smaller measures than the ones behind and that’s because it will be for the keys. It can be made depend on the keys you have.

3-Red paper belts

Red belts,  A DIY hanger for keys and cables without drilling

Alright moving to the next item. I made paper belts and as you can see in the picture above. I’m going to use four of them to add a style to the keys and cables hanger. It was a quick and last minute idea I came up with because I thought that might plain without any style lol. This is normal papers by the way.

As always the measurements are shown in the picture for an easy and quick way to share it haha. I did the four with the same measures because all will be with the same purpose.

4-The star

First stage of the star,  A DIY hanger for keys and cables without drilling

This is something extra that I wanted to add to the hanger because I thought of doing it more since I forgot how to do it last time. It’s a star and as you saw in my previous, this is different which going to be only white color.

I found a good spot for it to be placed and add a nice style to the hanger haha. However, I think it worked well at the end which you see it later in this post.

Finished look of the star, A DIY hanger for keys and cables without drilling

The finished look of the star. It’s exactly like the one I did for the previous project but with only white. As you can see in the picture above. However, I added some colors to it in the center at the end before gluing it to the main project.

5-The cardboard board for the star

The board for the star

This is a board but for the star. I could’ve used a different way to add the star to the project. However, I chose this way haha. Which cardboard added to the side of the main project and glue the star on it. I changed another idea which will come next in the end but I kept this.

The measures are shown in the picture above which enough for the star to fit in. I didn’t want to make it bigger because that would’ve ruined the look of the main project.

6-The blue paper belts

Blue paper belts

The last item which I’m going to need is blue paper belts. This one supposed to be on the side of the project and It would be a good idea. But I had to change it and make it in the middle between the hooks haha. You will see it in a few seconds and how everything turned out to be at the end.

As usual, the measure of this item is also written on the belts. As shown in the picture above. I think the cardboard of the hangers is only meant for three belts which I knew it later lol. I made four of them and had to throw one away.

Alright, so now that I have presented all the required items. It’s time to show the project coming together. I don’t think it would be better to talk over the process. So I’m going to leave you guys to go through it as you scroll down.

The process of making the DIY hanger for keys and cables without drilling

The hooks glued to the cardboard board
All hooks glued to the board
The The red belts glued to the main board
All red belts glued to the board
Adding the blue belts to the main board
All the blue paper belts glued to the main board
The finished look with star glued to the main board

Alright! welcome back guys. The last part which was the star and as you can see things looks good right now. However, before I end this post. Some people might be confused of what is this all about hanging on the wall. So I added the last thing.

The project after adding the labels

I added labels to each one. So in the future, it could be easy to understand and use haha. It might not be the best but it can help being organized with spending less money even though you can go better. I know I could’ve printed the labels but I think for people who don’t have a printer, they can just do this. However, The main purpose is to keep them in one place so anything better or worse is good.

Now that this is cardboard. You can glue it to the wall if you have papers on the wall. Also, you can get temporary stickers and can help to make it attached without falling. You can always remove the glue if you want to change it the place or upgrade it. This way you don’t need to put holes on the wall.

The hanger on the wall

Here is how it looks on the wall after all the work. As you can see, it does the job very well even though it isn’t the best haha. You can put as many keys as you want and that’s why I made it this big. I hope you enjoyed this DIY hanger for keys and cables without drilling post.


You have come to the end of this post. Thank you for reading to this point. I would love to know your opinions on this project in the comment section. Also, I’m going to do more awesome ideas, please subscribe or follow the blog for more content. If you want to follow me on Twitter, I do post updates and new posts there.

A DIY hanger for keys and cables without drilling

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