A Custom holder for school supplies or makeup

I’m not sure how people just start with the post. I guess I have to learn how to pick a start point other than saying hello to everyone. Anyways, this is the beginning I wanted to begin with haha. Today I’m coming back with a good and long project like I always used to do. This is a Custom holder for school supplies or makeup.

This is a typical me. Because when I make things for a variety of purposes. It will be worth the time and effort. Don’t get me wrong, I would spend time on doing projects that have one purpose but this is better. It’s good when we are not limited to a specific purpose, you know.

I’ve been mentioning that I’m a travel blogger and that’s true. However, when I just started, things got worse and I had to pause. This is just in case people wondering if it’s true what I say in social media threads when I introduce myself. I feel like the content isn’t enough. But I’m committed and will get back as soon as all of this is over and life is normal again. This is something I just felt like I need to mention it to you guys.

However, while we are stuck at home. The only thing I can write about is DIY projects and stuff related to it. There are a lot of ideas and projects every day which something I like about DIY. You can’t get bored thinking of new ways and ideas for a project. This is why I came back to long DIY projects. It’s A Custom holder for school supplies or makeup we will be talking about today.

About the project

I’m thinking of a new structure of the post and how I present the projects. It will be revealed soon. Make sure to subscribe or follow the blog to know about it first. However, for now, this is something I wanted to do before this situation. And I ran out supplies, I couldn’t finish it and all the pieces that were finished still good and I kept it. However, It was too big and I don’t see it as a perfect time to get back to it as we are limited in supplies, you know.

Also, this idea is something I have done before but it wasn’t as perfect as what I’m about to show you guys. Because this time, everything upgraded to something even better with more ideas. Honestly, looking back at how I was and what I am right now. It makes me acknowledge the idea to keep trying and trying until you get better at what you love to do. It’s the only way you will move to the next level and develop your skills.

A Custom holder for school supplies or makeup

The idea came up in my mind. Because of back in my early days of working a lot of times on my desk as a DIY blogger. I used to struggle to keep my pencils and pens in one place. When it’s time to work on a project, I always look for the pencil colors because my little brother would throw them everywhere or it just falls off the desk to anywhere in the house.

Then, I decided to make a holder that could keep them all in one place and that’s was written in a post previously on this blog. However, I started traveling and left home and that’s when I knew I will need to make a new one with an upgrade. Plus, This time won’t only be for school supplies like pens or erasers but even for makeup stuff. I’m not a woman but brushes and items that long with suitable size, it can fit perfectly.

Keep reading because you won’t only be able to store that, but also small and circle-shaped products. I can’t name them because I have no idea about a single one haha.

So I’m sure you already know the structure of this project but you will know more about it as you read the steps that I will be showing it in this post one by one.

1-The first introduction of the pieces of Custom holder for school supplies or makeup

The main base of the Custom holder for school supplies or makeup

The previous project was bigger and I kept adding more and more to it which led to endless work. However, this one is small and yet enough to hold too many items in one place. I made it for three types of things important that I want to hold and that’s enough for me. You can add more slots if there are more than three types of items you want to store it in this holder. Just add 5cm because each one is measured like that.

My recent post’s idea was only made with cardboard which at this post would be done. But this is different and will add another white layer to each piece in this project. Because It’s time to add style and make things better looking.

Different pieces in one picture

The walls and slides without the white layer,Custom holder for school supplies or makeup

Since there are too many pieces that I made for this project. For some reason, I thought it would be a good idea to combine them for future use If I want, and who knows that the future is now haha. It wasn’t planned to share them but I guess it will be better than going through every piece individually.

The long piece is going to be the main wall that will be on the backside. The top one is made for the sides. Everything in the picture above will be demonstrated for you guys and you will see how each piece was used. By the way, this was like a quick plan and I made everything with no break and straight to the end of it.

The last one is going to act like a stand(aka slide) for the first item I’m going to build for this project. I tried it before if you missed the coin cabinet and it didn’t work. I guess my physics was bad at that time haha. Anyways keep reading because you will be surprised that it worked for me and that’s just because I did something.

The pieces with white layers of the custom holder for school supplies or makeup

The walls and slides with the white layer, Custom holder for school supplies or makeup

I’m not sure if you can notice but in my previous posts, I used to add the white layer differently and leave me with new measures. That I don’t want and make it worse than expected. It makes me mad at the result when I want to glue them because everything changes once the measures change.

However, this time I figured out a new method of adding the white thick paper. And it helps to keep everything looks neat and clean. Also, measures still the exact one as the cardboard. Let me know in the comment if you guys want me to share a tutorial on how to do that.

The base with a white layer

The base with a white layer. Custom holder for school supplies or makeup

I don’t know if you can tell. But the edges of the base are better than I usually do in my previous posts. It looks even better in person and perfects when gluing it. Because the old method was making the edges sharp and that’s not something good to work with.

Believe it or not, I usually cover the base first with the white layer. But for this project in this step, I did the small pieces at the beginning. That’s because I wasn’t sure if there would be a possible chance to make the bottom looks good, you know haha. This because in my previous post, I tried and it wasn’t good.

This is only one part of the project because there are still two other ones. Which I’m going to cover in the next steps. However, since I’m done with the first part. I’m going to show you in a cinematic scene the making of it, I would call it haha. I can’t talk and show everything. That would take so much time and maybe you will get bored. So here another way to showing the steps.

The cinematic scene of making the bottom part for the custom holder for school supplies or makeup

The backside wall glue, Custom holder for school supplies or makeup
Te first side is glued, Custom holder for school supplies or makeup
The second side glued.
The middle wall is glued
The slides for the drawers are glued, A Custom holder for school supplies or makeup

Alright, welcome back. I know it took a while because there were so many pieces. However, you already know what is that which is the bottom of the holder. The two small pieces as you can see in the last picture is made for the drawer. Except for the slides, it’s made of cardboard and papers and glued at the bottom haha.

You guys can’t believe it. I was debating on how should I start. Gluing the long one and then the sides or start with the long one and the middle ones(slides) first haha. I’m not sure why or how but it happened lol. It was a random moment and made me laugh. I was like why I’m doing that when I can start at any point.

2-The second introduction of the pieces of Custom holder for school supplies or makeup

The surface of the drawers, A Custom holder for school supplies or makeup

I just organized this post as I’m writing because I thought it would perfect for this project. Since I have different types of parts and each part has pieces. It would be so long if I introduce all at once. Plus, it feels like a fresh idea to try doing this.

Anyways, in the second introduction, I’m going to introduce the first item I did since I started this niche which is a hand made drawer but only with cardboard and papers. However, The handle is not made of cardboard. Keep reading to find out what it will be made of.

So the picture above is the surface of which things will be placed on when using the drawer. I thought of adding a white layer but I remembered the real one doesn’t need any style. So I kept it with the original color.

The front side for two drawers

The front side of the drawer, A Custom holder for school supplies or makeup

The second piece is something that will be in the front where the handle of the drawer will be. There are two of them showing in the picture above. And that’s because I decided to do two sections for this holder. Just in case I need to store more stuff haha.

The front sides and the handles, A Custom holder for school supplies or makeup

Here is a full picture of the handles and the front side together. As you can see, I tried to take two handles from other boxes because I can’t make them like that which the style and design I wanted. I know I could’ve made it with cardboard as well. But I prefer that. If you want to make it, that would be fine and work the same. The handles are made of plastic.

If you can see they are not the same because I had to cut one to make them similar to each other. I can’t have the holder with different handles, you know haha.

Again, I’m going to show you guys the making of the drawer and show you the final look at the end. I know you guys I can make it faster by just showing the last step but I want to make it little fun and share more of the process as I glue things together. Except I forgot to take pictures to share it with you of the last step.

The process of making the drawers

The front side with the handle, A Custom holder for school supplies or makeup
Another front side with the handle

The last step is to glue the surface to the front side with the handle, I forgot to take a picture of it. Because I was excited to see if it’s going to work or not. I’m going to reveal the final version of it in the end. However, it turned out good and came out as I planned.

3-The last introduction of the pieces of Custom holder for school supplies or makeup

A surface for the top part

For the last part which is the top and it’s the main purpose of this whole project. Because the bottom would be for drawers and for that, we need another surface that can hold the things on the top. That’s showing in the picture above. This part, I had to get the surface done before the sides because I want to make sure that I calculate the sides correctly based on it.

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Then, I made the sides and all the rest of the pieces to make the top complete and finish the project. It took me the longest time to get the remaining items done because they were a lot and I had to add a white layer as well.

The pieces for the top parts

The sides of the top part
The front and back sides of the top

Here we are again. It’s time to make the last part together to finish up this holder. It’s been since the beginning of this post and it’s what you guys been waiting for. I hope you enjoy it and will see you after this. Because there are a few things I’m going to add after this. Also, I won’t show every part. Just part of the process because it’s a lot and repetitive.

The top surface attached the main project
The back and side glued to the main project
All the pieces of the top are glued to the main project
The final look of the holder before the touches.

I’m not yet done because there are few touches I’m going to add to finish up the product. And make it look better on a desk or anywhere you want to put it. Also, the drawer wasn’t so perfect like I said but its functions and looks good.

The last touch to the holder

So for the last touch, I used belts of yellow and red thick papers. I didn’t want to add too many colors or leave it with just white. However, I’m still going to add new touches later in the future because there is plenty of space. However, for now, we will just stick with this look. Comment your opinion on this.

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The final look after the touches added
The drawers and the holder filled with items
A close up view of the drawers
The full picture of the holder with drawers.

Here it is. The final version of this holder. The drawers are made for small erasers and things similar to that size in my matter. However, you can make it bigger based on your need and it can be handy to store other objects. That’s where you can store the circle-shaped makeup items haha. Also, as you can see, I only made it with three slots because I don’t have a lot of things.


Alrighty, guys! this is everything for this post. You won’t believe that this is the first time I spent on a project until I finish it. Usually, big projects take time and can’t fit it all on my daily schedule. However, this lasted for two days straight. Please subscribe or follow the blog to read more about new ideas in the future and get it on time. Thank you for reading till this point and please try to stay safe at home and enjoy your day. You can follow me on Pinterest.

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A Custom holder for school 
supplies or makeup


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