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A custom and easy DIY desk decoration for a travel blogger

Hello, everyone! Welcome to another post and a new project for this week. I know things were messed up and my schedule was ruined. Well, it’s always the things we encounter in our life. Things that always force us to change schedule no matter what it is haha. Anyways, this week’s post will be a new idea that I thought to do again. This is a custom and easy DIY desk decoration for a travel blogger.

As you can tell by what I just said. This is something I only did one time before and it worked well. However, it was a different idea. It took me almost a week to get it done and messed up big time during that project haha. You can check it here and see what I did and how it turned out. I did many desk decorations and it filled my desk to put everything haha. So I had to find a place for them.

Funny thing, I have not done many desk decoration to represent my blog and work. I did for friends and just random ideas that you can use to decorate the desk. To be honest, I have not thought of doing so haha. I might soon do a perfect DIY decoration for my blog. I just don’t like to give myself too much, you know haha.

Anyway, enough talking, and let’s get right into the post. I hope you going to enjoy it. Please grab your tea and coffee and enjoy it!

About the post

As I said, this is my second post doing collaboration projects and it was fun doing it. I thought to surprise you guys with another one this time. However, I got through some troubles and had to postpone it until today. I missed so many days but it’s okay. Because I’m back now. I’m going to do more collaboration posts and if you want to work with me. You can send me a mail to work on an idea.

This time I’m working with an amazing traveler, Sandra Ans and she blog at My Small travel guide. She has a good logo and awesome content. You can go check her work. I love reading about travel and watching pictures.

I started traveling but as you can tell by the situation still going everywhere. It’s hard to collaborate on the travel topic. However, I got an idea to dedicate a project to Sandra Ans’s blog and represent the blog. And she agreed to the idea. So this post will show you the project and how I made it until the last part.

A custom and easy DIY desk decoration for a travel blogger

So since I don’t have my workshop yet. I’m going to work with the same stuff I worked with on my first collaboration idea. Also, all the projects so far haha. The cardboard and papers and I will make everything out of them and add more touches.

Good thing that I make out of these unlimited ideas and turn them into anything I want. And this time I did 3D desk decoration but not as I imagined it because some things didn’t go well. However, I hope you will enjoy reading this post and the idea.

The finished look of the decoration. A custom and easy DIY desk decoration for a travel blogger

Boom! This is the finished look of this project. As you can that it was a little bit messed up from the edges. but everything looks fine except not as I imagined haha. I didn’t have enough time to redo everything and make them even better. Next time, it will be even better as I know new things about building objects now haha.

Anyway, now, let’s see how I made this and more pictures of it. Also, this is not a that long project but the plane took me a few tries to make it look this shape haha. The front side is really hard to make in 3D. I tried my best to make this project 3D haha.

The needed items of the custom and easy DIY desk decoration for a travel blogger

The base, A custom and easy DIY desk decoration for a travel blogger
The letter T
The letter S, A custom and easy DIY desk decoration for a travel blogger
The plane stand

The plane into parts, A custom and easy DIY desk decoration for a travel blogger

Hello, again haha. Well, as you can see the pictures above are the items will be used to create 3D desk decoration for travel blogger aka my fellow blogger Sandra Ans. Well, this one planned before seeing her logo, and once I finished, I took a second look and found it’s the same which is a plane haha.

Well, the first picture, we all already know that every decoration like this requires a base haha. So I cut 17.5cm/15.5cm. However, you can do any measures as long as you keep it fit for everything you want haha.

The rest of the items are made only for this project and it will be part of the project for Sandra’s blog. The T stands for travel and S and A stands for Sandra Ans. It will be as Sandra Ans travel haha. There two sides to each letter because as usual. I want to make it 3D haha. However, it still a little diffcult to make it perfect.

The last one is the plane and this one took a little bit of time. I know this is not my first time doing it. But this size has never been done before haha. Also, I wanted to do it good and quick but it doesn’t come together haha. I separated each part to know how to do it well but still didn’t make it perfect.

The making the project

This step will show you the items after adding the white layer and adding colors to it. By the way, It’s a new way of sharing my project that I just thought of it haha. I hope you enjoying it so far. Please subscribe to the blog or follow if you have WordPress for more awesome projects and awesome ideas in the future.

The base colored
The letter T with blue layer
The S and A after adding the colors and layer
The finiashed look of the plane stand. A custom and easy DIY desk decoration for a travel blogger

Alright, here is how everything looks after adding the layers and colors. As you might notice some things could be done better but it looks nice. I couldn’t redo them as I don’t have time as I said. The last picture is the plane’s stand. I positioned the plane in a new way and you see it in the next step.

The colors of the letters were random but to mix it with the base and the blue line on it. I wanted to combine the most known colors, red, blue, and white haha.

Anyway, moving to the next step which I’m going to show you the final look of this project.

The plane stand glued to the base. A custom and easy DIY desk decoration for a travel blogger
The planed glued to the stand

The letters glued to the base. A custom and easy DIY desk decoration for a travel blogger
The finished of the project

Well, here is the final look as you can see the project coming together as you scroll down haha. There are some touches that didn’t make it to the project due to other matters. I couldn’t finish them.

My idea is to make the first letter bigger and it gets smaller as it goes to the letter T. that’s why The letter T smaller haha. I thought would look good with a new style. However, the first two letters are the same.

Close-up view of the letters

Here is another closeup view of the letters. With that being said, I think this is everything to be shared. I sincerely apologized for being late in sharing this post. I have gone through some difficulties and had to deal with everything,


As always here we reach the end of this post. I hope you guys enjoyed reading this. Please go give Sandra Ans some love and follow her blog for amazing travel content. I will be sharing more awesome ideas and working with more awesome bloggers. Please subscribe to the blog or follow my blog on WordPress. Also, I would love to read your opinions on this. Share them in the comment sections. You can follow me on Twitter for more updates and posts on time.

A custom and easy DIY desk decoration for a travel blogger


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