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A birthday party decoration(first stage)

Another week another project. I hope you had a wonderful weekend. It was a little better than my previous weekends for me. I got myself organized and sat a schedule and goals for everything. This time, things will be serious for me and work better. Please enjoy A birthday party decoration(first stage)

Anyways, talking about the weekend. I wanted to do a valentine’s DIY project but I got a partner and wanted to celebrate her Birthday coming soon. So I dedicated this week’s project for her to show my gratitude and love to her.

I know I’ve been doing these projects for friends and family but it’s fun. Also, to be honest, whenever I want to do other ideas or things that could help, I ended up with an important occasion or a particular reason to do these things for them.

However, we are done with desk decorations, for now, haha. But we still doing DIY decoration though. I feel when doing these ideas(decorations), I could be creative with so many ideas and no matter what. I still manage to do well at the end of the project.

Anyways, before we get started. I would like to put a hint about getting back to one of my old topics. This is something I been thinking about it over the weekend and decided to do it. The only thing is that I hope everything will be good.

About the idea

If you are an old reader, you would know that I have done this before. Since my projects take time, I thought I would split it into two parts. Also, If you missed my previous project, make sure to read it after reading this.

This is part one of a birthday decoration party. Have you ever hosted a party for a family member’s or been to one and couldn’t find something to contribute. Well, I’ve got a DIY simple idea for you to try and make the party a little better looking along with other things.

This is part one of this project, and everything is new which means I never done it before. I like to try new ways and ideas every project and get my skills up. Sometimes I might hit some blocks or dead-end by doing this, but at least I can learn something.

The first item for A birthday party decoration(first stage)

The first item , the base.

As usual, with every decoration, I need a base for everything to put them on. It might not be shown the full base, but I made this a little bit longer like my 3D billboard idea. However, this is longer than that and wider because I got some good ideas for it.

The thick papers weren’t long enough to cover it. It might require you to use more than one, you know. Also, I’m not adding any colors to it like my previous bases.

The main part of the project(A birthday party decoration(first stage)):

The main part of the project

Here is one of the new items that I will be adding to this birthday decoration party. If you would guess, what do you think this will be? I think for some people this would be too obvious.

I’ve only drawn the structure of how I will build the inside of it. Honestly, it took me a few tries to figure it out, but only if you already figured it out what is it. You will know how it will be haha.

If there is something I struggle to do it, it would cut a circle whether box sheets or only papers haha. It always turns a weird circle, but for this, I think it’s not that bad haha. I spent little time and effort to work on it even harder because it’s for a special partner.

The letters of this project

The letters of this project

I’ve used letters to indicate for whom the project will be. However, for this, everyone around would know and that’s why they are at the party. Unless people like to invite random people without mentioning the reason and that is going to be weirder haha. Anyways, what I’m saying we don’t need to indicate for this project.

Before you scroll any further, I need you to pause and look at the picture above. What do you think the word would be? if you figured it out within five seconds, like the post and comment it. Let’s see how many quick people can get that and only a few people will get it.

Anyway, as I mentioned earlier, I did everything new for this project. If you read my previous posts, you would know that I have done the letters in different ways and this time I wanted to try out this way.

The letters without the colors for A birthday party decoration(first stage):

The letters without the colors

Basically what I do is cut a square-shaped paper and draw a letter on it. Please don’t mind my bad drawing but you get the point. It will good better when I finish it because this is only the first stage of it haha. I hope it will just turn out as I imagined and I don’t have to change anything when I work on the next step lol.

The second word “Birthday” for A birthday party decoration

The second word "Birthday"

Here is the second word “Birthday” if you already figured it out the first one. We as human have a bad habit of reading anything we see sometimes. This could be good that everyone sees it, they say their wishes and maybe more than once haha.

These letters won’t be 3D like the other ones I did before. I will make it only one side and the backside will be plain white. I can’t wait to show you guys how it will turn out and the full version of it as well.

This is it for now. I have more ideas that will be a surprise because I’m not sure if they going to work or not on this project haha. It’s going to make it even better and add more sparkling to it.


We have reached the end, and I hope you enjoyed reading. What do you think it will be? I can’t wait to share the final results of this project. Also, the comeback of the year to one of the oldest topics I started before. If you don’t want to miss it, please subscribe for more awesome DIY projects and to know what it will be. I wish you a wonderful week.

A birthday party decoration(first stage)


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