4 Ideas to help you stay organized at home

How you all doing? I hope everything going well this weekend and hope you have a wonderful week. It’s been a little difficult to stay consistent but as always, don’t give up. I thought of an idea for the first post of this week. So I decided to write it and see how it goes. Also, I have done it once before but this time is different. The idea helps me to organize my projects in one place for future reference. This is 4 Ideas to help you stay organized at home. Also, help me to highlight my projects for people.

When I was thinking of a new project for this week. I got an idea of why not from time to time try to write a post about my projects and share thoughts for you guys. It helps bring light on my old projects haha. It’s like I been doing a lot of projects and it kinda stays without attention haha. Hopefully, this idea will help to achieve that.

It’s also good because I’m looking for new content ideas to do besides doing DIY projects. So this will be added with the chilled posts even though this can consider being chilled post as well haha. Not that much of details on it but just a talk about my projects.

So I hope you guys enjoy these ideas to help you stay organized at home that I made at home.

About the post

As my previous post was a useful item. I decided to mention some of the useful items I did as a list in this post. These will be the ideas that will help you stay organized. Things can have different purposes and still can be made at home. This is what it will be about.

Also, I wrote my favorite decorations I made at home as well. If you want to check that out. If you looking for decorations ideas.

I don’t have a lot of projects yet haha but it a good number for now. Also, will talk little about moments and things about it as well. I hope you find something interesting and you can go check the tutorials on how I made it from the start.

The way to say to a post a chilling post is by the amount of information. So This one won’t have a lot of information which kinda for enjoying time to read and maybe find something good haha from these ideas.

4 Ideas to help you stay organized at home

It might not be as good as other projects and ideas but it can serve the purpose and can hold for a long time. Also, I’m going to upgrade them later when I have a workshop. So Enjoy reading these and stay tuned for the upcoming projects.

1-Headset stand

Headset stand made at home.

This is the recent project I just posted last week. Something I thought of it due to my struggle in real life haha. So I thought this would help others by sharing it on my blog. Something can be done at home and have a good purpose as I said haha.

Another thing I decided to make this is because it’s a quick idea since as you know it’s difficult to keep up with the content here and do long projects. Even though I don’t need to spend so much time on a project sometimes. But I think the longer project, the better it will be.

The design is random made it in my imagination haha. However, the measurements were based on the headset. It helps you keep it safe and organized when you finish listening to music or watching.

2-A Custom holder for school supplies or makeup

A Custom holder for school supplies or makeup.

Moving to the second project I did and this one took a longer than the first one. As you can see, everything was made with more specific details and math calculations haha. However, I didn’t have too many ideas to add to the main project but through time, I’m going to add stickers or other ideas to make it look even better.

I would say this is one of my best ideas I made with the items I used haha. Also, this was made due to a real-life struggle with finding pencils and pens haha. It is hard to keep them organized. I always struggle to find them because I don’t have a good place to store them. So I decided to create a home for them where I can easily reach them.

The drawers is something I’ve never done before and I didn’t expect good results from my work a first haha. However, it came good and I can pull it and push it back in easily.

3-A custom lighting bolt phone stand

A custom lighting bolt  phone stand. Ideas to help you stay organized at home

Alright, moving to the next idea or project. This is one of my favorite ideas that I made because it worked well and it helped me a lot since I made it haha. Not to mention the colors are very well matched and known in the world, the white and blue. However, my favorite color is yellow, haha but I like these two colors.

I might have made one before similar to this but it wasn’t as good as this. This includes the feature of putting the phone even when you want to charge it or watch a movie or a video.

These ideas were made based on real-life struggle haha. It’s something that helped me to stay organized and I hope it can help you as well. I felt like I could make them with the things I have and as you can see. It can serve the purpose very well haha. However, there will be a new version of every project later.

A DIY hanger for keys and cables without drilling

A DIY hanger for keys and cables without drilling. Ideas to help you stay organized at home

The last one for this post is going to be something that is different from what I have mentioned earlier. I said differently because these ideas were random because I wanted to see how far I can go making things at home with things I have.

As the title says, this is a hanger made at home for keys and cables. It’s something I really could use to stay organized but it wasn’t as important as the earlier projects because I needed them so bad haha.


Alright, everyone. This is it for this post and I hope you enjoyed reading it and find something helpful for you. There will be more coming awesome projects in the future. So definitely stay tuned for more and make sure to subscribe to the blog please or you can follow it if you have WordPress. Also, I share my posts and updates on my Twitter, if you want to follow me there. Have a good week.

4 Ideas to help you stay organized at home


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