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3 things that can help make the process easy and clean

What’s up, everyone. I’m sorry for my absence. It’s been recently little tough for me to keep going. But as always, I will try my best to keep it going. I’m going to add new things to DIY since I can’t do many projects and post them on the scheduled days. Anyways, this week’s first post will be something different. It’s going to be 3 things that can help make the process easy and clean.

As difficult as it gets, I can’t give up on writing doing projects. I think it became something really important in my life haha. I’ve gone through so many tough times and as you can see, I keep coming back. The true passion haha. I hope you guys had a fun weekend and did something fun this Halloween with family.

This week, I can’t start it with a project because I’m a little bit behind with schedule and many things in real life. So I did this idea once before and I thought I would do part two of it but different things. There are a lot things but this post, I want to talk about during the porject to make everything easy and clean.

There will be more new ideas and things to write about DIY. Because I’m going on a new schedule for the week. And I will try my best to follow it haha.

About the 3 things that can help make the process easy and clean

Like the previous one which was 4 things that will make the process of a DIY project easy. This one will be part two of it and I’m going to mention 3 things that will help you to make the process easy and clean. All things which will be mentioned are based on the experiences I have gone through.

This is my first time sharing tips on DIY. So I’m not going to make it long and as I write more, I will be adding more tips to the list haha. For now, I’m going to keep it short and nice, you know. Also, my goal for the next posts is to make it longer than now. I will need to do it anyway later haha.

These tips I got them while doing my previous project. I thought why not focus on things we can imporve and I share it with you guys. Sometimes, we might have everything to write about but we don’t put lights on it. And we miss the opportunity. This is what I learned from this haha.

3 things that can help make the process easy and clean

The tips I’m going to mention are going to be for different type of DIY projects. But mostly paper and cardboard projects which I’m working with for my ideas haha. However, it can be followed when doing other projects if you do the steps. Also, these we might not pay attention to when we are doing the projects because the little things can hurt the process and make it a pain instead of enjoying it. I did forget these several times before when I was doing my projects.

1-Do not stack

This something I notice that I been doing a lot in my projects. Which is stacking the small pieces that I cut when I make an item or shape and that’s not a good idea to stack. It makes the area messy which as I mentioned in my previous post that we should get a good and clean place for our projects.

Now, after I cut a few pieces, I would clean the area and get ready for the next step haha. So this way, the desk would be good and I get extra space to do or put other things. I highly recommend doing this when making new projects.

2-Do not throw everything fast

I found myself throwing a lot of pieces that could be used twice many times in my projects. Recently, I have been keeping things that can be used again on the side. Which I can use when I need it in another step of the process. And this helps especially when you are low on materials and want to save up and consume less.

Also, putting the pieces that can be used twice can help you to fix a mistake. When you trying to glue something and it didn’t come as planned and to fix it for example, this would help. This happened to me before and it helped a lot. So I highly recommend it.

3-Keep space betwween items

This is something I just recently started doing and it helps a lot. If you organize your desk based on the items. For example, the required tools and the items will be used, and so on. I used to make everything close to each other. And after a few steps, things get messy and everything get lost. Maybe, you will struggle finding it and that will take you longer than you wanted it to be.

So by doing this, it helps me to stay orginazed and keep everything in a place where I can quickly reach for and get it back to same spot. I mentioned in my previous post. That enough space is required and this is simialr to it but more speicific. To be honest, it took me a while to notice this and change it haha but now everything is good.

Conclusion of the 3 things that can help make the process easy and clean

Alright, this is the 3 things that can help make the process easy and clean. I wanted to share it with you in this post. However, I know it might seem little short but like I said, I will be adding more to the list as I write more of these posts.So, I hope you find it helpful and if you did any of these and helped you. Please share in the comment section your expreince.

Also, I’m going to share more DIY projects and other ideas. So, please subscribe to the blog or you can follow me on WordPress to receive new posts on time. You can follow me on Twitter because I share new updates and the latest posts there as well. Have a good week and Monday!


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