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3 funny moments happen unintentionally during a DIY project

How are you doing, guys? life is great and doing good, I hope. If you are not, it’s okay because sometimes it might not be as good as you want but things will get better, eventually. It’s a bit stressful to stay on schedule on posting. With being solo and doing only DIY projects. So I’m going back to add a variety of ideas and still related to the main topic. This is 3 funny moments happen unintentionally during a DIY project.

I have been trying to do two posts a week because one is not enough But it’s not possible to make that happen. So I couldn’t post at all and I found the reason. It was that I can’t do full DIY decorations twice a week. Even though we have so much time, being a blogger didn’t change anything. We still have other things to do. This doesn’t mean I’m giving up but for this week, I’m going to post different ideas than the usual ones.

I’m still debating with myself but I think going back to inspirational posts. Because they were my favorite back then. There might be a chance to get back to it any time soon and I can do posts like this.

There are two ways of writing DIY posts. One doing a DIY project and talk about it. And the second one is talking about anything through the process while doing any DIY project. Which this post will be about and this way, it still related to the main topic aka my niche. Also, these posts kinda chilled posts because I don’t spend much effort on them.

About this post

This post is divided into two ideas and the main is talking about three funny moments that might happen unintentionally during a DIY project. I usually say might happen because people aren’t the same, you know. It might happen while you do a DIY project and might not which is unfortunate because it’s funny haha.

I will be talking about that while making something I picked randomly just because I wanted to make it haha. I’m not feeling like I want to make videos even though it’s an awesome idea. It’s like I want to write more than talk but I’m sure there will be videos in the future, stay tuned.

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What will you see while I talk about the funny moments? It’s something I came up with based on my previous post. I intended to make it as a full project but the results weren’t as good as I wanted. So I decided changing the plan is my best option. Because I can’t let my effort go in vain and here we are. Instead of talking about it, I’m going to talk about 3 funny moments happen unintentionally during a DIY project haha.

3 funny moments happen unintentionally during a DIY project

There might be similar posts I’ve done before but there can be so many moments that might happen. If this is a series, I would be at the 20th episode haha. So expect more posts like this in the future because I’m sure there will be a lot to share with you guys.

A square shaped cardboard, 3 funny moments happen unintentionally during a DIY project

I mentioned in my previous post that I will look for another way to introduce the projects without beginning with the base. However, I found a way to do that and it’s by doing a project that doesn’t include a base haha.

That was a joke because I’m doing this idea to change the routine of doing long projects. Even though I have a new schedule for everything. Just in case I want to work on long projects starting from next week. Doing small ideas without including a base is good too haha.

Anyways, as you can see in the picture above is a cardboard sheet which I’m going to use to make a Shuriken. If you have missed my previous post, I made ninja equipment as a decoration. That’s how I came up with this idea for this post. This time I want to make it look better.

A drawing on a square shaped cardboard, 3 funny moments happen unintentionally during a DIY project

Well, before going to the first moment, let me say that we will start by drawing four squares as I did in the picture above. That will help us to get perfect shapes at the end.

1-Gluing the wrong item

I mentioned in my previous post of sharing funny moments about cutting and drawing while doing a DIY project. But now it’s going to be different. However, I haven’t talked about this yet and this is something would happen more than one time from my experience lol.

There is a way where you make the project and as you make it, you glue everything together. However, the other way is making the items you will need and then start gluing them together. I’ve done it a couple of times before and shared it in my previous posts.

Imagine you finish the items and you put them close to each other and ready to get things together. While being distracted whether by thinking about other stuff or maybe with someone from the family. Calling you during the process and you pick the wrong item and glue it unintentionally lol.

Sometimes I do that and after a while when I want to glue the next piece, I find out that I did the wrong one at first haha. Sometimes it might be frustrating but it could be funny.

Well, about the next step of this DIY project, we need something shaped in a circle. Anything you have in the house because I chose the food oil bottle cap haha. That’s the only thing close to me at the moment of me doing this project lol. As you see in the picture above, I used it to draw a circle in the middle.

2-Gluing the wrong side

Have you ever felt proud that you are a step ahead on completing the project and then you find out that you did the wrong side haha? Don’t worry, I feel but I always make sure to glue the right side because I don’t want to do it over, you know lol. However, this could happen unintentionally and it’s funny.

Some people like to get angry at their selves, but I honestly don’t get mad when this happens. Just focus on fixing the problem after making fun of yourself haha.

The final look of the drawing on the cardboard,

Here I forgot to take a picture in the middle of my drawing because I didn’t know it would work like it’s showing in the picture above. I thought to draw the lines first to see and it worked perfectly so I couldn’t delete it haha. However, that’s easy to figure out what is the step and what I did if you look at the picture above. Basically, I picked a style and drew it.

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3-Leave a piece unused when you finish the project(the last one of 3 funny moments happen unintentionally during a DIY project)

This is something you can’t get angry at yourself and don’t laugh haha. Imagine you have done everything and feel happy and accomplished that you finished the project except you forgot a piece. That would be so funny and you didn’t mean to do it haha.

The thing is that the left piece will be a decoration haha because you can’t use it anymore. Unless you have a good use for it in another project, that would be great.

The cardboard with a circle cut, 3 funny moments happen unintentionally during a DIY project

I finished talking about the things I want to talk about it in this post. However, I still have one thing before wrapping the post which to get the last step and show you the final look of this project.

After drawing the lines, I cut the middle circle and then half circles on the sides with a blade because scissors would be hard and mess up the whole thing. Then, the blades of it can be cut by a scissor and you got yourself a Shuriken.

The final look without the last touch

The final look of the shuriken, 3 funny moments happen unintentionally during a DIY project

Here is the final look but I’m not finished yet because you know what I do with cardboard. One thing changed is the half circles didn’t come as expected due to the difficulty of doing the job perfectly haha. However, it still looks nice and close to the real one.

The white layer look

Now, we need to add the white layer to it just in case we need to add more styles to it. The problem is we need to go through the cutting process all over again but with the layer added to it. I said that because the more layers to cut, the worse it would look because I’m not yet good with it haha.

The final look

Here is the final look of this project. I had to add another circle with a smaller hole because the edges were messed up and had to fix it, you know haha. However, the rest is perfect and worked as planned.

Conclusion of the 3 funny moments happen unintentionally during a DIY project

The idea of talking while making DIY projects is fun and will do more of it in the future. There will be a lot of things to talk about in this world with a lot of ideas to do. Thank you for reading until this point and if you want more of these in the future, please subscribe to the blog.

3 funny moments happen unintentionally during a DIY project


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